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#10585 New Etched High-Wall "Cosmos"
#10585 New Etched High-Wall "Cosmos"

New Etched High-wall "Cosmos"
Available: 1
Circa Contemporary
Date Added: Tuesday 28 November, 2017
Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl: 12" Diameter; XX-Thick; Fundamental tone: A# +6 Hz.; Rim tone: F +8 Hz.; Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze; NEW-made (Contemporary); ... more info

#10363 Rare Singing Bowl (medium)
#10363 Rare Singing Bowl (medium)

"Stem" Rare Singing Bowl
Available: 1
Circa 20th Century
Date Added: Friday 22 September, 2017
Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl: 6 1/4" Diameter; DOUBLE-BLUE; Extra-Thick; Fundamental tone: C# +4 Hz.; Rim tone: F# 740 Hz.; Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze; ... more info

#9922 Antique Singing bowl (large)
#9922 Antique Singing bowl (large)

"High-wall" Antique Bowl
Available: 1
Circa 19th Century
Date Added: Tuesday 17 January, 2017
Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl: 11 3/8" Diameter; Thick; Fundamental tone: D# -10 Hz.; Rim tone: F 698 Hz.; Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze; Circa 19th ... more info

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